Lead eCommerce Group specializes in full cycle ecommerce website management: website development, design, content management, hosting, internet marketing, search engine optimization, sales and customer support.
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Website Design

Your website is your entrance to the world of ecommerce. Creating a vision for your website can be an exciting challenge. You know your business best and how you measure success. You know your customers and how they buy. Our mission is to get to know you and your customers to turn your vision into reality.

Our expert creative team is highly experienced in web design. We can create a complete corporate website to suit your needs. Our team works with you to tailor make your site based on your vision. If you donít have a specific vision, we will create one for you. We offer one on one personal service and we strive for superior quality. We believe that our customers are our partners and we work with you that way.

Good web design involves several elements:

  • A unique corporate identity
  • A clean, well organized layout
  • Easy, intuitive navigation
  • Secure payment processing
  • Clear, well written text

Our team of experts understands how the elements work together. We are experts at incorporating unique designs with state-of-the-art functionality. Your website can be simple or complex, with few pages or many. Whether you want subtle or bold, we can do it. We offer a guaranteed fast turnaround.

Superior Quality Our design experts offer exceptional quality. Your website is your face to the world. It is the lasting image of your business. This image reflects who you are and who your customers are. We pride ourselves on delivering the best for you.

Professional design The key to success is a well designed website. Clean, well organized pages work best for easy navigation. Fast loading is essential. No broken links or 404 errors are allowed. Easy, intuitive navigation helps make sales and brings customers back. Your customers want to see you as stable and reliable and your website gives them that confidence. Our team understands e-commerce and how people navigate e-commerce sites. And, we understand internet buyers. We will give your business the professional look it needs to encourage sales.

State-of-the-Art Technology Our programmers are equipped with the latest development tools. We offer all the latest features in web design. These are passed on to your customers to enhance their experience. Your site will be reliable and easy to use.

A professionally designed website gives you an edge. It serves as a perfect advertising and marketing vehicle. Most importantly, it promotes your business to your target market. Your website answers questions and gives information and is available to shoppers 24/7.

A good website should interest customers and draw them in. It should bring inquires and leads. Most importantly, it should make your business money. It is our goal to facilitate this.

Web Tools

We offer out tools so that you can convert more visitors to buyers.
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Web Services

Out services designed to help your better manage your website.
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Our experts will perform our standard 20-Point Inspection using an objective scoring system to identify the weaknesses strengths of your site. Don't miss this opportunity to improve your search engine marketing results!
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