Keyword Research

In order to market your Web site online, it is important to integrate keywords strategically into the content of your Web site. After all, search engines rely upon keywords in order to catalog and rank your Web site within their database of Web sites that can be found on the Internet.

Our search engine optimization experts are skilled at determining which keywords are most likely to help your business succeed online. Through careful research into your business and your industry, our experts will not only develop a list of appropriate keywords, but we will monitor these keywords to track which ones are most effective.

When determining which keywords work best for your site, it is important to keep in mind that there is not just one keyword or keyword phrase that should be used in order for your site to succeed. Instead, effective search engine optimization uses a combination of keywords in order to ensure that the search engines properly deliver your site to users.

For example, if your business sells Apple computers (or Macs), then the keywords you integrate into your content should not only include words related to Apple computers and Macs, but you should use enough keywords that help to differentiate your business from other businesses, such as an apple orchard, for example.

Our search engine optimization experts are happy to provide you with the best combination of keywords for your site so that we can ensure your site's best chance at succeeding online.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I provide you with keywords?

Yes. You can provide us with the keywords that you believe are most related to your business. We will most likely expand this list of keywords in order to ensure that all possible keywords and keyword phrases are used in your search engine optimization efforts.

How do you find keywords?

We use a variety of technologies in order to determine which keywords are most appropriate for your Web site. Once we have determined which keywords we think will be most effective based on your business, industry, and the popularity of the keywords in the search engines, we will track these keywords on your site in order to ensure that they are most effective.

Will my content change after you track keywords?

Sometimes we find that certain keywords bring in more traffic than others. In such a situation, then we may recommend that we modify some of the content of your site to emphasize the more successful keywords.

What if I don't use keywords?

Not all Web site owners want to use keywords on their Web sites, or even think about using keywords on their Web sites. While we do not want to coerce our clients to do anything they are not comfortable with, we do emphasize the effectiveness of keywords by providing research and statistical data.

For example, more than 85% of Web site traffic comes from search engines. However, the majority of Web users do not even look at the second or third pages of search engine results. By using keywords in your Web copy, you increase your chances of landing on the first page of search engines, thereby increasing traffic.

For some e-commerce business, the difference between effective search engine optimization and lack of search engine optimization can mean millions of dollars.

What if I don't like the keywords you choose?

In the event that we develop a list of keywords and keyword phrases that includes keywords and phrases that you do not like, we can certainly modify or remove those keywords from our content. However, our search engine experts have access to technologies that may help to uncover valuable keywords that you had not yet thought of to use. Therefore, the keywords that we find for your business may not be keywords that you would have used originally, but they are generally keywords that have proven to be popular in the search engines.

Keyword Research

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